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Leaders Forum Keynote Session: Lowering Barriers to Innovation: Getting from Idea to Pilot

Advocating for innovation during a downturn is vital. But how can we
innovate when layoffs and furloughs make time our scarcest resource? How do we fund
innovation amid budget cuts? Our keynote speaker, Hassan Hassan, Chief Executive Officer, 4.0
Schools, runs an innovation incubator that has helped more than 1,000 educators test
their ideas with as little as $300. He will speak to us about how to go from idea to pilot -
validating an idea quickly and iteratively by answering two important questions and testing it at
the smallest possible scale. This presentation will explore the mindsets and practices that foster innovation and how to assess cost as well as time-energy investments in innovation. The presentation will also touch on balancing rigor and speed and the potential to make innovation radically inclusive. The session will conclude with a discussion and opportunities for attendees to workshop ideas with Hassan live.